Heathwood Reserve Information

Heathwood Reserve is  proposed development for the property across from Atlantis on Military Trail. Information can be found at http://discover.pbcgov.org/pzb/planning/Pages/Active-Amendments.aspx

The developer's new site plan is attached below.

Residents can send comments to Inna Stafeychuk at istafeyc@pbcgov.org  and copy Carolina Valera at cvalera@pbcgov.org   See the Letter of Objection Template below for guidance on the City's objections. You MUST edit the letter to fit your objections as form letters will NOT be considered valid. Palm Beach County Staff has encouraged residents to personalize their written objections. 

We have been informed by Palm Beach County that if residents all send the same letter, then only one will be included in the backup materials at the public hearings.