Election Information

Election Results

The results of the March 13 2018 municipal election:

Group 1
Lauri Melear

Group 3
Allan Kaubach

Group 5
Catherine Higgins

The newly elected officials will be sworn in at the City Council Organizational Meeting on March 21st, 7 p.m.

General Information
Council members are elected for a two-year term. Qualifications to serve include being a registered voter and a resident of Atlantis.

To vote for Atlantis City Council, you must be registered to vote in the State of Florida with your Atlantis address. To register to vote, you must be 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and a legal resident of Florida. The next election will be March 12, 2019 for Group 2 and Group 4.

For voter registration and election information visit www.pbcelections.org.

Atlantis residents vote at Precinct 3082, the Council Chambers at 260 Orange Tree Drive.

Political Signs

City of Atlantis Code Of Ordinances Sec. 11.6-9 - Temporary Signs

(b)     Political signs. Temporary political signs, each not exceeding four square feet in sign area and not more than four feet in height, may be displayed on any plot within the city. Political signs shall be limited to one sign per candidate or issue, per plot in any federal, state, county or municipal election. Political signs shall not be placed on any plot within the city without the consent of the property owner. For vacant parcels, the property owner's written consent must be filed with the city clerk prior to the erection or placement of any temporary political signs. Political signs shall be erected no more than 30 days before a federal, state, county or municipal election and must be removed within 48 hours of the election day or political event for which they were placed. If such signs are not timely removed, they may be removed by the city and the city may charge the candidate the actual cost for such removal in accordance with F.S. § 106.1435. Political signs shall be prohibited in the rights-of-way within the city.