Building Department Forms

Please contact City Hall at 561-965-1744 x112 for forms.



Building Permit

Required prior to making all exterior alterations/installations, and for interior work involving electrical, plumbing, or structural changes.

Notice of Commencement

All jobs over 2500.00 except for Mechanical 7500.00

Architectural Review Committee Form

For exterior projects that don't require a building permit, but must be reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee: painting, gutters, etc.

Owner Builder AffidavitHomeowners who do permit work themselves must submit this with the permit application.
Air Conditioning Replacement FormA/C Replacement Data Form must be submitted with permit application.
Palm Beach County Building Permit Application

Also Accepted by City of Atlantis

Change of Contractor FormTo be submitted to the Building Department.
Villa and/or Condo Approval

For exterior work at a residence in an HOA.



Informational Sheet

Development Application

Application for Variance

General Permitting GuidelinesThings to know
Commercial Construction

In addition to the items required for Residential new construction, all new construction and interior renovations or additions to commercial structures must be reviewed by the Greenacres Fire Marshall prior to review by Atlantis. Three (3) sets of plans are required and should be taken to their Building Department at 5800 Melaleuca Lane, Greenacres (561) 642-2052. Final Fire Marshall inspections are required and should be scheduled directly with Greenacres. A CO will not be issued until Fire Marshall approval is given.

This includes: new construction, additions, renovations, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, tents, awnings, underground or aboveground tanks.

Checklist for New Residential Construction 
Swimming Pools

Pool permit and plans must be accompanied by the plans for decking as well as the plans and permit for the fencing or screen enclosure of the pool. These must be presented together as a package for review by the Architectural Review Committee. No pool plans will be reviewed until the fencing or screen enclosure is also submitted.


Garage Sales Permit ApplicationThere is a $1.00 fee for Garage Sale Permits.
Special Event Application

Permit to hold a special event in the City.

Dumpster/Mobile Storage

Permit for dumpster or mobile storage device at your home.