Building Department

Permits and Licenses

The City of Atlantis Building Department issues permits for buildings, special events, garage sales, and temporary storage units; schedules inspections; and issues licenses for businesses located in and doing work in the City.  Please go to LICENSES for information on Business Tax Registrations.

Atlantis requires permits prior to making all exterior alterations or installations, as well as for interior work involving electrical, plumbing, or structural changes. Exterior alterations must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. All contractors/companies working in Atlantis must be registered with us.

Documents required with the Building Permit Application:
1.  A copy of the contract or other supporting documentation showing the true valuation of the job.
2.  For homes in a homeowners association, exterior work must include written association approval. 
3.  For exterior work, two sets of photos of the home/business.
4.  For exterior work, two copies of a survey showing the proposed work.
4.  Two sets of product approvals

  • Work is permitted Monday through Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. No work is permitted on Sunday.
  • Permit fees are due upon submission of the permit. A Notice of Commencement is required for jobs over $2,500 (over $7,500 for mechanical permits). No permit will be released until the NOC is received.
  • For jobs requiring excavation or demolition, call Sunshine State One Call, 800.432.4770 before you dig to get undergound utility locations.
  • Atlantis does not provide garbage service for construction debris. Contractors are required to arrange for dumpsters, and only from Waste Management. 

There are changes/revisions you're planning to the exterior of your property that do not require a Building Permit, but may require review by the  City's Architectural Review Committee. These include:
1.  Painting the exterior
2.  Repairing/paving/painting a driveway (replacement requires a Building Permit)
3.  Installation of gutters
4.  Landscaping
5.  Conceptual approvals

Required documents to be submitted with the application:
1.  Copy of contract or Owner/Builder Affidavit
2.  Two sets of plans and/or product samples
3.  HOA approval, if applicable
4.  Survery of property, if applicable
5.  Two sets of photos of the home
6.  Two sets of paint color samples, if applicable






Staff Contacts

Name Title
Michael Crisafulle Building Official
Daisy Garcia-DeLuca Business Tax and Permit Manager