Strategic Plan

Citizen Engagement in the Strategic Planning Process

The City Council has concluded that the City needs a Strategic Plan. To achieve the organization's vision of success and prioritize efforts, the City needs to prepare a plan or roadmap for the future.

The process to develop a plan will:
1. Set goals, strategic initiatives, and priorities for the City.
2. Inform and provide focus to our annual budgeting process.
3.Establish performance measures that are data-driven and regularly tracked.
4. Ensure that we are continuously improving those areas having the greatest beneficial impact on the City.
5. Provide more opportunities for suggestions to improve overall quality of life.

We Need Stakeholder Participation and Suggestions!

Please take a few moments to review the plan focus topics and let us know:
1. Are they the correct areas of focus?
2. Do you have additional topics you want considered?
3. Do you have questions or need clarifications about the focus topics or process?

The City Council is considering the following preliminary focus topics for the Strategic Plan. They want to ensure that all the City's stakeholders (i.e. residents, businesses, and staff) have the opportunity to provide input on these topics or suggest modifications and provide additional topics.

Preliminary Strategic Plan Focus Topics

1. Fiscal Responsibility - Diversifying the City's revenue base to maintain or improve its stability. Develop approaches to manage specific risks and opportunities.

2. Quality of Life - Law enforcement and gate security, fire rescue and ambulance service, sanitation and garbage services, appearance and aesthetics, location assessment (medical services, public school options, recreational facilities, retail offerings, adjoining transportation corridors), community events and involvement, sustaining and promoting multi-generational families.

3. Emergency Management Response - Natural disasters and human-caused events.

4. Infrastructure/Facilities - City-owned water system, maturing infrastructure maintenance, transition to underground powerlines, natural gas systems, improved high speed internet access, consideration of an emergency operations facility, community center/recreation facilities, greenways and pathways, vehicle and pedestrian roadway access.

5. Organizational Performance - Council/Manager form of government and staff expertise.

6. Effective Communications/Interactions
    Internal: Emergency and regular City and police communications to stakeholders.

    External: Adjacent corridor development (Military Trail, Congress Ave., Lantana Rd.), Federal/State/County engagement to address
impacts on City (e.g. unfunded mandates, preemption of local authority), Palm Beach Park Airport development, Inter-community
    partnerships, branding/City identity, operational technology upgrades.

7. Environmental Stewardship - Promoting environmental excellence, including identification and assessment of environmental issues potentially impacting the City of proposed actions to correct them.

Stakeholder input and comments will be greatly valued in discussing and finalizing the Strategic Plan Focus Topics during a City Council public workshop in February. The City will then partner with a consultant to formulate and conduct an in-depth stakeholder survey. The design of the stakeholder survey will be considerably dependent on the input received in response to this engagement letter. Consequently, the survey results will be used as the foundation for developing and prioritizing initiatives for the City's Strategic Plan.

Please provide your comments no later than Friday, January 29, 2021 to or drop off/mail your comments to Atlantis City Hall, 260 Orange Tree Drive, Atlantis, FL 33462.

If you have questions or concerns about the process, please feel free to reach out to the City Manager or any member of City Council.