Minimum Property Standards

Section 4-61 of the Code of Ordinances explains the minimum property standards needed for any buildings, structures, or otherwise.

Section 4-61 - Maintenance & Appearance Standards for All Structures

The owner and/or manager of all real property within the City shall maintain the exterior of the premises in such a manner to conform with all City codes and ordinances to avoid blighting influence on neighboring properties, and to avoid the creation of hazard to public health, safety and welfare. Properties shall be maintained in accordance with the following standards:

  1. The exterior of all premises and every structure thereon, including all parts of the structure and appurtenances where exposed to public view, shall not show evidence of deterioration, weathering, discoloration, ripping, tearing or other holes or breaks. All screened enclosures shall be properly fitted and maintained. All other surfaces shall be maintained free of broken glass, crumbling stone, brick or stucco, or other conditions reflective of deterioration or inadequate maintenance.
  2. All surfaces requiring paint or which are otherwise protected from the elements shall be kept painted or protected. Painted surfaces shall be maintained free of graffiti, and with uniform colors, void of any evidence of deterioration.
  3. All off-street parking spaces shall be asphalt, concrete or block and shall be smooth-surfaced and in good repair, in compliance with City codes.
  4. Only one principal color may be used on each structure, excluding those used in accent architectural features and/or trim.
  5. Only the following roofing materials are allowed:
    • Concrete tiles
    • Barrel tile
    • Cedar shake shingles
  6. The entire yard where exposed to public view must be landscaped. Height of trees, hedges, etc., shall conform to all applicable City ordinances. Play areas, gardens, flower beds, driveways, walks, etc., not intended to have vegetative cover should be clearly defined and maintained free of uncultivated growth. Yards not utilizing vegetative cover must utilize a material that meets all City codes, and such material must be maintained free of uncultivated growth.